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Complex legal solutions in the heart of the city
I established the dr. Benn András Law Office in April, 2007. While working I constantly intend to find a solution for my partners, which yields within the current legal frames the most optimal results. During my activities I always focus on evaluative thinking and I try to assert the best interests of my clients. My firm offers complex services for individuals and also for companies; this includes legal counseling, litigation, creating documents as well as representation before various offices. Due to my higher English knowledge I have international partners among my clients, as well. My work experience derives from my personal vocation of my profession. You can read more about my experiences in the SERVICES headline.
Dr. Benn András
Attorney at law
Dr. Benn András
dr. Simon Boglárka
Dr. András Benn
Dr. András Benn
Attorney at law
I studied at the Faculty of Law of the University of Szeged. I got my degree in 2003. During my legal studies I attended a course on the Law of the European Union and at the end I acquired a superlative degree of this field. I worked as a trainee attorney at law at the dr. Virág István Law Office. I still have a great working relationship with him. I became a member of the Budapest Bar Association after my successful bar exam in April, 2007. I have a superlative English and intermediate German knowledge. You can read about my professional experiences in the SERVICES headline.
dr. Boglárka Simon
dr. Boglárka Simon
trainee lawyer
I graduated from Pázmány Péter Catholic University faculty of law in 2017. After graduation, I worked in administrative law, including immigration cases, for over a year. In December 2019, I joined Dr. András Benn Law Firm, where I work as a tarinee lawyer in civil law area. My work is supported by my knowledge of English.
My Law Office offers complete legal counseling considering the full spectrum of the economy, above all in the fields of civil, commercial, company and labour law. I am specialized also on handling claims and demand assertion from initiating executions until finalizing execution processes. The Office has been handling the establishing and constant representation of block of freehold flats. Beside the participants of the economy the Office pays special attention to the personal legal counseling of private individuals and to the occasional representations in the fields of lawsuits, real estate buying-selling, family law, execution processes and all other matters regarding law.
Commercial law, liquidation and execution processes
Drafting and estimating commercial contracts.
Initiation and representation of liquidation processes.
Representation during executive processes.
Corporate law
Establishment of companies
Modification of articles of associations, sale contracts of business shares
Drafting syndicate contracts
Alteration of companies
Final settlement of companies
Other Civil law cases
Claims for damages
Termination of joint ownerships
Breach of close cases
Inheritance cases
Labour law cases
Counseling and representation of health and safety and labour processes, if required representation of administrative lawsuits following proceedings
Counseling of establishing, modifying and terminating of labour contracts and legal representation in the field of lawsuits
Real estate law
Drafting and estimating sale and purchase contracts
Life annuity and alimentary contracts
Real estate contract of use
Drafting and estimating rent contracts
Family law
Representation in divorces
Creating testaments
Marriage settlements
Criminal law
Counseling and representation in criminal and infringement law
Counseling and legal representation of victims and defendants related to Economical crimes
Non-governmental organizations law
Establishing and representation of associates in modification of deed of foundation
Legal representation of condominiums
Drafting deed of association foundation and by-laws of block of freehold flats, constant legal representation for condominiums, debt collection processes, credit workout including mortgage incorporation using other legal instruments.
Litigation in any cases related to condominiums.
Insurance law
Litigation in insurance cases
Commission fee
The Act LXXVIII 2017 section 30 § (1) prescribes that the commission fee depends only on the parties’ agreement.
The commission fee is allocated by the appointment of the contracting parties and determined by the complexion of the case.
In case of solo commission it is possible to use hourly of fix commission fee. If the commission is a constant one it is possible to agree to a contract with monthly fee.
The additional cost related with the commission contract for instance the process fees or official publication cost in corporate law cases are paid by the Partner.
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Some of my clients:
Constant legal representation of market leading building material dealer company
Constant legal representation of international transportation company
Constant legal representation of building industry company
Constant legal representation of non profit building industry association
Constant legal representation of advertising company
Labour law counseling for auto-parts making company
Condominiums in various districts
Legal representation of real property brokerage and estate agencies in the field of lawsuits
Constant legal representation of Sport Associations
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